A Kiss With a Fist

Anna Kasmirov. 18, devoted boxer and anchor enthusiast. Loves playing and listening to music. San Diego.
SDSU Class of 2018
💥Mad decent block party outfit 💥

💥Mad decent block party outfit 💥

💥Mad decent block party outfit 💥

💥Mad decent block party outfit 💥

Anonymous asked: Do you think you will continue to compete on a competitive level? And would you be down to spar with a guy?

With school going on, probably not. And I have and would again spar a guy.

Anonymous asked: How are you keeping?

I’m doing pretty good. Just got home from a mad decent concert, having a good time in college

Anonymous asked: Ahh, that is a good question. I go to the gym at about midnight until 2 am and well there is a heavy bag there. I've just gone out and bought myself some wraps and gloves, but literally, do I just start punching, or is there any particularly stance and technique I should adopt to stop any injuries etc. It is a 24 hour gym, so there are no staff, or anyone else there, when I go, sooo.. I'm just sort of tempted to give it a go but don't know where to start. lol it'd make a good vlog..

Deal. I’ll make a vlog about it and give you some basics on technique :) you should be good to try it out once you get the technique down

Anonymous asked: Would you be in a position to give any technique advice as to how to hit the punchbag?

Yeah of course. What’d you have questions about?


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