A Kiss With a Fist

Anna Kasmirov. 18, devoted boxer and anchor enthusiast. Loves playing and listening to music. San Diego.
SDSU Class of 2018

Anonymous asked: If you were a creepy anon, what is the creepiest anon message you could send. Impress me!

Hahaha it’s hard to TRY to be creepy because you don’t capture the full essence and effect of the creepy anon. But…. If I had to go with my creepiest anon impression it would probably be like one I got on my vine that went along the lines of:

You are truly inspiring. And by inspiring I mean towards my orgasm. You’re awesome and I got to unload my clip while watching all of your 6 second video multiple times in a row #unloadmyclip

Anonymous asked: I wish you could see me now. I'm a fucking machine.

If you really cared you would’ve been around. I really don’t want to revisit this. Congrats, I’m happy for you. I’m sorry you couldn’t be happy for me in the same way.

Anonymous asked: 3 things you like about yourself?

My determination, my persistence in striving for what I want to achieve and my acceptance of who I am as a person by sticking by my opinions and beliefs.

Anonymous asked: Ever wanted to meet one of your followers or someone who has posted on your tumblr?

Yeah! I love meeting and getting to know new and different people and you guys actually see some insight that a lot of people daily don’t about me. I think it would be awesome to meet any of you :)

Anonymous asked: Ever been tempted to quit social media altogether?

Not really. I can see why some people would be but since I’m not all that wrapped up in it as far as followers or anything and I don’t encounter much drama on it I don’t mind it

Anonymous asked: I am totally nostalgic for those gifs

Then possibly purely for the nostalgia of the long term followers I’ll make some more gifs :)

Anonymous asked: You know you've been following Kasmirov69 for a long time when you remember the gifs that came before the vlogs ;)

My boxing gifs!! Even I almost forgot about those. Should that be a thing again?

Anonymous asked: How are you keeping?

A tad discouraged lately… But working through it like always