A Kiss With a Fist

Anna Kasmirov. 18, devoted boxer and anchor enthusiast. Loves playing and listening to music. San Diego.
SDSU Class of 2018

Anonymous asked: Are you looking to get into a relationship at the moment or are you just looking to have fun?

I’m 100% a relationship person.
I know what I want, and when I do Im set on that. Anything less to me seems pointless and indecisive.

Anonymous asked: Hope all is shiny in the world with you.

And you too

Anonymous asked: I remember a while back you said you were training for tough mudder. Have you done it yet? If so, how was it?

So my tough mudder is on October 24th, so I’m currently still in training
I hope it goes well! But I’m paying for pics of me and my team so I’ll be posting those late October :)

Anonymous asked: I know you are super confident about your body but I don't think even you would dare to pull off the angie Menze boxing look;)

HAHAHAHA aka being topless?
Yeah, I’m really not as confident about my body as it may seem 😅

Anonymous asked: I know we aren't meant to have guilty pleasures, they are just meant to be pleasures, but I feeeeell wayyyy tooo guilty about taking so much pleasure from some of Miley Cyrus' songs!

As you should!
Jk, I’m not gonna pass judgement
Whatever makes you happy, go with it

Anonymous asked: Do you still take part in any marching bands?

Not this year! I considered it, but they asked for some pretty obscene hours, so I opted to take at least one semester to adjust, then I’ll see about marching 😊

Anonymous asked: When r u gonna get in the ring and fight again?

Sadly, no time soon. I’m in school right now :/ trying to dedicate as much time to fitness and school as possible though.