A Kiss With a Fist

Anna Kasmirov. 18, devoted boxer and anchor enthusiast. Loves playing and listening to music. San Diego.
SDSU Class of 2018
Playing with photos

Playing with photos

Anonymous asked: The way I see it, is that when you want to do something you go for it! You live your life. I kinda wish I could be more like that...

Aw well when you put it like that Id like to think thats true. I like to strive for what I want in life. But don’t stress too hard about trying to do that or it defeats the purpose. Rather, do what makes you happy 😊

Anonymous asked: Haha you say that being a cocky asshole is a bad thing?! Lol you need to watch more entourage. Ok how about cheetara from thundercats? Rawrrrrr

Haha not necessarily. But I fail to see how i connect to him so I’m curious as to how you see it. And that’s a good idea !

Anonymous asked: Uhhmmmm, Halloween ideas? You could dress as Santa? I dunno that kinda made me chuckle at the thought. TBH, all I see when I see you is Ari Gold.

Haha can you please explain to me why you see me as ari gold? Because isn’t he just a cocky asshole? Haha
So I’m sure a pantsuit would suffice in that case

Anonymous asked: Any Halloween costume ideas?

I actually was just thinking about how I have no idea what I’m going to be for Halloween! I don’t have any ideas… I’m just gonna go to the store and see what I like but I’ll be sure to post a photo when I decide!

Unless you have ideas you’d like to give me?

Anonymous asked: Any luck with the video?

Between midterms and parents weekend I haven’t had time to finish it. But it’ll come up soon, I promise!
I’ll announce it the day before. So sorry it’s taking me forever ❤️

Anonymous asked: I hope you are doing ok. I guess there is a pressure to be happy all the time, but maybe, it is ok to just be whatever it is we are feeling. But you seem like a person who is able to lift herself out of any feelings of despair, which I respect. I gotta admit, I struggle with those moods when I get like that, but I guess it makes you appreciate the good times :)

You’re right. Sometimes it’s good to embrace the bad feelings and just feel, because no one is 100% all the time. I do my best to keep myself up and sometimes yes, even lift myself out of certain funks I get into but for now things are looking up. And I really appreciate you checking in on me.

Anonymous asked: Hope it is all good with you ;)

Thank you