A Kiss With a Fist

Anna Kasmirov. 18, devoted boxer and anchor enthusiast. Loves playing and listening to music. San Diego.
SDSU Class of 2018

Anonymous asked: Do you think you can trust someone again and allow yourself to be vulnerable?

As of right now? No. Every time I do they give me a reason not to.

Anonymous asked: How did you lose the weight and become hotter what steps should i do

Well I lost weight because I started boxing and working out. So now I’m incredibly active which has helped out. I do yoga, boxing, rock climbings, hiking, weights, crossfit stuff, running, biking, etc. and the second half I’ll put on puberty.

Anonymous asked: Do you believe in connections between two people? Like showing your full self to that person, getting support and understanding and vice versa? A profound deep connection that means they can see what's really going on even though you've fooled everyone else?

I definitely do. I think it’s possible to be close enough to someone to the point where you know how they’d react and feel about certain things to the point where you could tell if they’re really happy about it or they’re pretending, etc. It depends on how observant that person is of you though and your behaviors.